HOLYWELL is the town with the most reported crime in Flintshire over the last year, figures have revealed.

As many as 1,591 crimes have been reported in the town in the year from June 2017, with the most common crimes committed being anti-social behaviour or crimes of either a violent or sexual nature.

The figures are taken from UK Crime Stats, an open data platform that gathers figures from open data tables provided by the police.

While only half a dozen more crimes were reported in Holywell than in Connah's Quay in that time frame, Holywell has less than half of the population of Connah's Quay.

In a statement Holywell Town Council said: ''Members are aware of the issues affecting the local community and are in regular contact with the police to monitor and address any concerns.

''The council has recently established a police liaison group which will meet regularly to review current issues and get feedback on the existing reported incidents.''

Inspector Gareth Cust of the North Flintshire Policing Team said: “The figures detailed are an excellent tool for the public to research crime trends in their areas.

“The figures, however, do have limitations in terms of not fully explaining how the crime and anti-social behaviour totals are arrived at or explain recording in line with Home Office guidance, in which North Wales has an extremely high compliance rate.

''The figures combine anti-social behaviour and crime together.

“The national crime recording standards have changed during the period highlighted in relation to many offences including those in the violence category, meaning forces are recording more crime.”

Insp Cust added: “Our area remains a safe place to live and work and any crime patterns and increases noted are subject to robust local policing plans, working with our councils and local partners.”