A CHARITY champion is asking people to donate to a good cause for her birthday.

Lynne Chick, 46, of Deeside, is raising money for Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool after she said they have been brilliant with her young daughter, Emily.

Emily Minnie-May Dirkin, 5, was sent to Alder Hey after Lynne requested a second opinion and from there she was tested for different things such as development delay and autism.

Lynne said: “It’s coming up to my birthday and I don’t really celebrate it as I’ve got older and Facebook came up with an option of setting up a fundraiser for charity and said they would donate five pounds.

“I chose Alder Hey because they have been really good with my daughter. They’ve had a lot of bad stick lately and even I was alarmed, but you have to think how they have treated you too and I couldn’t fault them.

“I didn’t think anyone would donate so I didn’t set the target too high but then people started donating and I was like wow, it’s overwhelming.”

Lynne said when they got to Alder Hey they started testing her for autism amongst other things such as hypotonia, and requested an MRI scan which they were quick in delivering.

She said the care they received while they were there was brilliant, adding: “I was worried about the side effects and her being put to sleep, but they were that brilliant with her she didn’t need to be put to sleep.

“I think it’s a good idea for all charity pages to set that up, it’s such an easy way to donate and Facebook does most of the work for you.

“I think it’s an important cause, especially with the NHS crisis, there are so many services going downhill.

“This is the best children’s hospital close to us in Flintshire and it would be sad to see the services drop, it’s important that we keep it going and help when we can.”

Lynne has already passed her £100 target just a couple of days after setting the fundraiser up and she said she is overwhelmed with the response.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so via https://www.facebook.com/donate/236663930311742/2112733539045147/