A PLEA has been made by a family who are desperate to help their 37-year-old brother who is suffering with cancer.

Craig Robertson, of Bagillt, was diagnosed just under two years ago with bowel cancer and has been in and out of hospital for nearly 24 months.

Unfortunately, both chemotherapy and radiotherapy have not helped Craig and the tumours have grown.

His family, at the end of their tether that “nothing seems to be working,” decided to make a public appeal to save their brother’s life.

Sister Leah Robertson set up a gofundme page, and the family are now asking for kind donations that will go a long way in helping Craig receive an alternative kind of therapy.

Leah said: “We have heard of proton therapy, which Craig really wants to have, but it takes time to be put forward and he needs it as soon as possible. Cancer and chemotherapy take a toll on the body and Craig has spent a lot of time in hospital with infections.

“There are many different treatments, not just medical, but holistic and herbal too which can help with his recovery and we want him to have everything available to him. We would really appreciate any donation and every penny will help Craig get back to his fighting fit self.”

Donna Waldron, Craig’s sister, said it’s “heartbreaking” to see her little brother suffer.

She said: “He was first given chemotherapy, which didn’t work the doctors said. Then they said they’ll give him radiotherapy and that didn’t work and then he had another sort of therapy which sent him back to hospital.

The family believe proton therapy, which is a “kind of laser therapy which doesn’t damage the other organs,”will help.

Craig is waiting on an appointment with the oncologist to see if this type of proton therapy will be suitable.

To donate to Craig’s cause, visit www.gofundme.com/5stll4w