RESIDENTS of Caia Park have been left terrified following another spate of arsons.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, North Wales Fire and Rescue were called out to the Trevenna Way and Montgomery Road area following reports of cars being set alight.

A spokesman for North Wales Fire and Rescue said: ''We responded to five vehicle fires overnight, two on Montgomery Road and three on Trevanna Way.

''One appliance was sent from Wrexham and it is believed that the vehicles were damaged at either the front or rear of the vehicle.''

The fires follow on from previous arsons in the area earlier this week, when a number of objects from mini-busses to telephone boxes were deliberately ignited.

The indiscriminate fires have left locals from the area afraid that their car might be next.

Former Smithfield County Councillor Keith Gregory, who lives on Colwyn Road, just yards away from Montgomery Road, said residents were living in constant fear.

He said: "People are really, really terrified now.

"Everyone is scared to go to bed because anyone who has got a car outside is thinking they will be next.

"Last night a painter and decorator had his van done and he uses that for work.

"It's bad, because any little noise you hear sets you off thinking.

"The police must have some idea who it is, there is a lot of talk that it's youths, about 14 to 16.

"Parents must also know if their kids come home smelling of petrol and smoke.

"Someone is going to end up being killed."

He added: "If it is kids, you have to wonder about all the youth clubs that have been shut leaving them hanging around with nothing to do.

"I'm not saying most kids will go round starting fires but if you increase the number of those bored with nothing to do, there is a higher chance one or two might."

Shannon Ryan and her parter Alex Fox had their cars set on fire, despite being on a driveway off the road in a place of assumed safety.

Shannon said: "We woke up to people screaming and banging the door and my daughter woke up to flames outside her window. Then I heard people banging and screaming on the door while the fire brigade was at the other car and luckily the neighbours and the fire brigade were quick enough to put out the fire before my partners car in front was severely damaged.

"Luckily we were all ok and just the cars were damaged but my little girl is shaken up.

"All this because people think it’s funny to ruin other people’s cars, the money they put into them and work hard for. It’s not even the cars that hurt us it’s the fact they set it on fire right outside our house as we made a driveway to protect both of them, but it’s not helped obviously.

"It could have been worse, the car could have exploded and my house would have been up in flames.

"If it wasn’t for our neighbours and the fire brigade, who knows where we would be right now? I'm heartbroken, shook up and angry. I just don’t want someone’s family to go through what we escaped last night."

Earlier in the week Wrexham town inspector, Vic Powell said: “Setting deliberate fires is an extremely dangerous and reckless thing to do, not only does it pose a risk to life it is also a waste of emergency service resources.

“We are appealing to the community for any information that will assist us with our investigation."