TWO young men accused of stealing a charity box from a Flintshire store have handed themselves into police.

Mathi Siva, 32, owner of the Londis store in Bagillt, was working alone on Tuesday evening when two men ran off with the Cancer Research charity box next to his till.

However, after CCTV images of the theft were shared on social media the father of one of the young men went to the store the following day and told the owner he recognised his son.

The dad said he was disgusted with what he had seen and handed over £50 to donate to the charity.

Mr Siva said: “They were walking around the shop and then went to buy a bottle of alcohol.

"I scanned it through and asked for the money, but he said he had left his wallet at home.

“Next minute he picked the charity box up and ran out with it but left the bottle of alcohol."

Mr Siva added: "Every year we raise about £150-£200 just from that box. We always have a box on the till.

"I’ve got no idea why they would do something like this.

"Maybe it has something to do with drugs or alcohol but it’s pretty low to rob from charity."

Referring to the father's £50 gesture, Mr Siva said: “It was a nice thing to do. He didn’t have to.

“I have seen an increase in this type of behaviour, especially around here, but I do feel part of the community.

"They have all been generous to me. It’s only a few people making trouble."

A spokesman for North Wales Police confirmed the theft was reported to officers on August 29 and two males handed themselves in on Wednesday.

Mr Siva's store was subject to an armed robbery last year.