FAMILIES were able to immerse themselves in fun and games at Wrexham Museum's Victorian Extravaganza.

August 22 saw over a thousand people visit the museum in the town centre for a free day of activities and demonstrations.

Images and videos by Craig Colville

These included traditional Victorian games, a stilt-walking flower seller, a penny farthing rider, falcons, a juggler, candle making, games and butter making.

Karen Harris, Wrexham Museum Visitor Services, said: "About 1500 people turned up.

"We had great comments saying there was something for everyone and a lot of people were saying they didn't know butter was made like that!"

"The penny farthing was also a huge hit and people could sit on it and have their photo taken.

"It went really well and we'd like to make it an annual thing.

"We hadn't done a Victorian event before but it's been really popular because it's what the children learn in school."