GLYNDŴR University students were set the quest of creating special animations for Wrexham Museum's new exhibit.

The Lands and Legends exhibition, which runs from July 21 to November 3, includes the animations which were inspired by the legends of Wales.

Abigail Moore, 20, whose animation is titled Angelyston, said: "The project took about two months to complete.

"We made story boards and created the animation through an animation programme.

"These animations were part of our course and to begin with I found it hard to find a myth I was interested in."

Megan Anthony, 19, created her animation inspired by Sword in the Stone while Julia Bransby, 19, used The Afanc.

All three animations are presented on a screen placed in a cauldron sculpture.

Wrexham Museum's exhibition officer, Jonathan Gammond said: "Professional animators would have cost a lot of money.

"The students spent a lot of time on this. They had to think of a story and shorten it down to something which they could create and animate.

"It's all became part of the learning environment here."

Elsewhere in the exhibition, visitors can rediscover the Mabinogion and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table with costumes, books, paintings and drawings.