AN outline has been given of a £40,000 grant-funded plan for a commemorative pit head wheel to be erected near Wrexham.

In a presentation at a meeting of Gwersyllt Community Council, James Nuttall of the Broughton Local History Group and Sue Perry, the Brymbo Heritage Trust project officer, outlined plans for the commemorative pit head wheel to be located in Moss Valley.

Mr Nuttall briefly described the coal mining history of the area and the research Broughton Local History Group had done on Amy Curtis who is commemorated on Gwersyllt War Memorial.

He also explained that a pit head wheel was available at Bersham with funding of £40,000 secured from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The pit wheel would be renovated and painted in red and green,with the names of local coal mines listed on polished steel plates attached to the wheel. Coatings on the renovated wheel would have a 15-year guarantee.

It could be erected on a site near the Moss Valley Golf Course clubhouse although other sites were also under investigation.

Public consultation would take place on the project when the number of sites had been reduced to two.

Gwersyllt members, who broadly welcomed the proposal, were told the proposed site for the wheel might be in the Broughton Community Council area and the land involved was leased to the golf club.

Gwersyllt county councillor David Griffiths said: “It is a marvellous plan which will be an appropriate reminder for future generations of what an important role the area played in our mining heritage."

Mr Nuttall and Ms Perry were thanked for their presentation and told the subject would be further considered when more details were available.

Steve Wilson, clerk to Boughton Community Council, said his council is due to receive the pit wheel presentation at its September meeting.