BOSTON, Chicago, Berlin - bands love to name themselves after places.

But while some find their inspiration from their hometowns like Portishead or Calexico, other bands name themselves after locations that they have nothing to do with or have never been to, like Phoenix or Beirut.

Well now Mold can be added to this illustrious list with this weekend seeing the Manchester-based band of the same name play a gig in the Flintshire town that inspired their career (well sort of).

"The band name came from us reacting to how stale and generally rotten the state of music and the world is," said guitar and vocalist Dan Caldwell.

"However, Shane, the brains behind the name is dyslexic, so it became 'Mold' and not 'Mould'. This has ended up being a way better name for us because whilst it would be fun to play shows in Petri-dishes or on peoples bathroom ceilings, that really isn't as fun as being able to go to Mold and play there."

Mold will play Mold on Saturday night when they appear at the Daniel Owen Community Centre after a late change of venue from the Y Pentan pub.

"Playing in Mold has been a goal of ours since we started the band," said Dan. "Since our first gigs people have come up to us saying that they're either from Mold, or if we knew we were named after a small Welsh town.

"The other night in Liverpool a girl from Mold freaked out when she saw our merchandise and even though she didn't stay for the gig she did buy a badge.

"Finally getting to play in our accidental namesake town is both hilarious and huge for us."

So popular are Mold on their home patch, the band haa booked a coach for fans to come from Manchester with Dan and fellow members, drummer Sam Hunter and bassist Shane Dickinson, expecting a busy gig and plenty of T-shirt sales.

"The opportunities for merchandise are endless," adds Dan. "Maybe some Mold mugs or some bags for life you can use in the local Tesco."

Mold play Mold at the Daniel Owen Community on Saturday, August 18. Doors 7pm till late. Tickets are available £5 on the door and gig goers are asked to bring their own alcohol.