Festival organisers have been ‘rocked’ by the theft of hundreds of wristbands, causing chaos on the eve of a major music event.

Light-fingered thieves have stolen about 800 wristbands for the Rock the Park music festival to be held at Borras Hall Lane, near Wrexham Industrial Estate, across three days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Organisers are reeling at the loss of the wristbands, which would be given to hundreds of revellers who have purchased tickets to allow them in and out of the festival.

The festival features some of the world’s biggest tribute acts with two main stages and a turnout of 10,000 people expected.

Organiser Sam Foulkes, of Cyclone Events, said: “All the wristbands are coded so we’ve been able to cancel them all, but the issue will be if anyone buys one and tries to gain access.

“Nobody wearing one of these stolen wristbands will be allowed access to the festival site, unless they can prove that they bought the ticket directly from us.

“My advice to anyone being offered one of these wristbands is to say no and report the matter to the police.”