SAFETY improvements are needed if plans for a food and drink establishment gets the final go-ahead, a councillor has said.

An appeal was lodged with the Planning Inspectorate after Flintshire Council failed to reach a decision within an 'appropriate period' on outline plans to construct a new food and drink building on land at the post office on The Highway, Ewloe.

The outline plans, which also included the creation of a new car park and revised access, have now been approved after the appeal was allowed by Iwan Lloyd, an inspector appointed by Welsh Ministers.

In his report Mr Lloyd explains that while Flintshire Council is content to grant permission for the scheme subject to conditions, councillors had objected over the impact on the junction onto a busy road.

Mr Lloyd states: "A revised plan shows improvements to the existing site access arrangement to accommodate the increase in traffic movement from the site.

"I have concluded that the proposal would not harm highway safety and no other material consideration is before me to indicate that the development would not accord with the development plan."

In a statement supplied as part of the appeal, Ewloe councillor Janet Axworthy said: "This site is at a pinch-point on the B5125, where the road narrows approaching a pelican crossing.

"Pedestrians currently take their lives in their hands when attempting to cross the road between the post office and the very busy Co-op supermarket opposite."

Following the decision she told the Leader: "There is a lot of coming and going there all day every day.

"Cllr Dave Mackie and I did a site visit and we spoke to the present owner - what we wanted to see was an improvement of the entrance to both car parks, the opposite one as well.

"The inspector has approved the outline and it has to go through the planning process now. There needs to be some thought given to what improvements need to be attached to this."