AN AMERICAN author visited Hawarden to teach the importance of meditation.

Joshua Pollock visited Gladstone Library over the weekend and gave a lecture to about 50 people about his new book 'The Heartfulness Way' about meditation.

Attendees came from as far as Leeds and Manchester to listen to Mr Pollock's tales of growing up in Maine, which he said was much akin to North Wales.

This was the only date the author had made to visit the North West and Peter Stanley, father or Elizabeth Stanley who organised the event, said it was a success.

He added: "We weren't expecting that many people to turn up, it just took off and they came from all over. It went exceptionally well and what better place to have it than Hawarden - it's a wonderful place, I find it superb.

"Joshua loved Hawarden and Hawarden loved Joshua. As a book lover himself he relished in being able to stay overnight in the library and sample the relaxing atmosphere at Hawarden, so different to the hurley burley of many of the cities in India and North America who had also hosted his book launches.

"Joshua's parting note of thanks to everyone in North Wales was 'with gratitude - and love'."

The American author summarised the simple benefits of meditation in everyday life and he was able to illustrate this for the audience with a meditation session.

The event was hailed a success and as a result, another meditation session will be held at Gladstone Library on August 26 at 11am.