DUST was stirred along fields and tracks at a village's Land Rover off-road festival.

Crowds gathered to watch as dozens of Land Rover Defenders whizz around the countryside of Babell during the Staffordshire and Shropshire Comp Safari Open CSIC Round 4.

Video by Beth Hughes

This year's competition venue changed from Green Hall, in Stafford, to the Flintshire location due to "extreme fire risks" at the original site.

Residents looked on as fleets showed off the best of their skills in a race against the clock, while drivers had the pleasure of being photographed and filmed by keen observers.

The competition, between 10am and 4pm last Sunday, offered a whole day of fun for families and car enthusiasts who travelled from across the country to take a look at drivers in round 4.

Among the categories competing for a place in the next round were: independent suspension; coil sprung beam axle, coil sprung diesel; leaf sprung; production vehicles; two wheel drive; and sports utility task vehicle (UTV.)

Stuart Winter clinched the winning place with a total time of 51min 48s over eight laps- just 50s before before runner-up Kevin Stubbs, who came in with an identical time to Mr Winter on lap six at 6min 11s.