MUSIC services in Wrexham's schools are set to be provided by a new co-operative following controversial council cuts.

Last year Wrexham Council revealed proposals to withdraw funding for music provision in all of its schools from September 2018, which were met with a strong public backlash, including a 28,000 signature petition.

While the authority toned down its plans slightly in January, executive board members voted in favour of a drastic reduction in spending on the service from approximately £350,000 to a smaller pot of just £50,000 to help poorer pupils on a means-tested basis.

The council says it has been 'working tirelessly' since then to ensure that children and young people in Wrexham continue to have access to music services.

As a result, the Wrexham Music Cooperative will be formally launched in September to provide a 'non-elitist' service with prices starting from £4.50 per lesson where schools are unable to subsidise them.

In a report, Wrexham Council's head of education Ian Roberts said: "Following the Difficult Decisions consultation, it was resolved to withdraw funding for music provision in schools as from September 2018.

"The Wrexham Music Co-operative will be able to offer a comprehensive service to schools, parents and pupils to ensure that music in Wrexham will go from strength to strength.

"As with any new service, it will take some time for the cooperative to become fully established and operational.

"Heather Powell of the North Wales Music Co-operative, has been working in partnership with Wrexham Council this term to establish the new venture and to promote the service with schools.

"Heather has personally visited most schools in Wrexham where headteachers have responded very positively to the new offer and indicated that they will be engaging with the cooperative."

The co-op has already applied for several grants for the new service including from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

Services offered include music specialists in both primary and secondary schools, a full range of instruments, a music therapist and beatboxing and DJ courses.

A new range of ensemble groups will also be launched for Wrexham pupils which will be announced in September.

Access charges will start from £1,000 per year for high schools and £500 a year for primary schools.

For further information about the Wrexham Music Co-operative please visit