A GARDENING enthusiast spoke of his surprise after one of his tomatoes grew to an abnormally large size.

Bernie Trickett told the Leader he used no special techniques when growing the plants, but one tomato in particular has grown to be the size of a crown green bowl or a pumpkin.

Mr Trickett, aged 77 and of Connah's Quay, told the Leader: "It is like a mutant - I have no idea why it has happened, I just let it grow.

"It is like three tomatoes have grown into one, I've never seen a tomato so big in my life.

"I don't know how heavy it is but it has turned out as big as a pumpkin or a crown green bowl.

"I didn't do anything special with it - I just fed and watered it. I grow them in a trough so every day I'd fill the trough with water."

Mr Trickett has been growing vegetables for more than 55 years.