A BRICKLAYER died after he had left his house to follow several youths who had thrown a snowball at his house, an inquest in Wrexham heard.

Terence Edwards Jones, 59, of Tanyfron Road, was described as being fit and active and had not been to work on February 28 this year due to the significant snow that had fallen.

North East Wales Coroner John Gittens told the court that Mr Jones went to the gym that evening and had been sat in his living room when a snowball was thrown at the window and when he opened his front door to ask the youths why they had done it, was told, "Because life's a bitch".

Mr Jones followed the youths on to a nearby field known as the Blackie, and was following by his wife Jan and a neighbour, who soon grew concerned that there was no sight or sound of him.

When Mr Jones appeared, he was staggering and when asked if he had been hit, gave a reply of "no" before he collapsed.

Mrs Jones called for an Ambulance but Mr Jones, who had stopped breathing at the scene, was unable to be resuscitated by staff at Wrexham Maelor Hospital and was pronounced dead at around 10.30pm.

Dr Mared Owen-Casey performed an autopsy which found Mr Jones had been suffering from significant heart disease that had not previously been diagnosed and Mr Gittens concluded that Mr Jones had therefore died of natural causes.