COMMUNITY pride has reached a high after residents spruced up a town centre street.

Residents of Panton Place, off Holywell High Street, have been praised for their work in tidying up the aesthetics of the town-centre based area, for many residents to enjoy.

At a recent Holywell Town Council meeting, councillors thanked the residents of Panton Place for tending to the flowers, hanging baskets, and sweeping the floor outside their terraced homes.

Cllr Rosetta Dolphin, town mayor told the council during mayor's remarks: "What they have done there is fantastic. New people have moved in and they have changed the area. They had chairs out and got people chatting.

"One man has not been out in years but they got him out to his front door for a chat with everyone."

David Jones, a resident of Panton Place, has expressed his gratitude towards his neighbours for their hard work and community spirit.

He said: "I've seen ladies brushing away, to make the place nice for people to walk through. They put plants all around and put chairs out, all off their own back.

"It's good news for the town. I was so amazed that these ladies were there working away. We all want it to be nice for people to walk through."

The town is also looking forward to the verdict of the Wales In Bloom competition which will be announced after the September recess.

The competition is aimed at tidying up towns, areas, and parks to encourage community pride and environmentally friendly schemes.