Chirk train station was paid a visit by the chair of Wales in Bloom, as he came to assess its condition.

The Friends of Chirk Station are hoping to receive their sixth ‘Outstanding’ mark in the RHS ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ awards.

Every year, money from the RHS is dedicated to the Wales in Bloom project which is seeing more small community groups enter for annual assessments.

Jim Goodwin, chairman of Wales in Bloom, spent some time assessing the station that is managed throughout the year by a small group of volunteers.

Christine Ashford, volunteer at the station, said: “It seemed like it went very well. Jim appeared really pleased with the condition of the station, and made a comment regarding how noticeable the changes are that we have made since his last visit three years ago.

“We have certain criteria that must be met each year and we have done our very best to ensure that we are up to standard for each section highlighted.”

Friends of Chirk Station has been entered into the Wales in Bloom annual assessment for the past seven years and received great feedback on each occasion.

Should the station maintain its position in the outstanding bracket after the assessment, it will be the sixth consecutive year in doing so.

Despite the imminent hosepipe ban and restrictions on the use of water after recent hot weather, Mr Goodwin was impressed with the condition of the plants.

Friends of Chirk have received help from the community in the upkeep of its appearance, including the local fire service, who filled up their water butts the evening before the assessment.

“It’s so nice to receive help from our neighbours in the community, a huge thanks to Chirk Fire Service for their generosity.”

The Wales in Bloom awards ceremony will take place in September in Colwyn Bay, and Christine hopes that the station is once again successful in maintaining its ‘outstanding’ status.

“Last year we obtained a score of over 90 per cent which we were very pleased with. It would be great if we could replicate that.

“We will all be attending the awards evening and hoping we’ve had another successful year.”