A PRIMARY school pupil has never amazingly never missed a day of school.

Jack Hann, 11, has achieved 100% attendance for all his years as a pupil at Northop Hall Primary School, the only days he has missed being for school trips and extra curricular activities.

Jack finished primary school last week and can proudly say that he did not miss a single day of primary school.

Parents Graeme and Sammie Hann are very proud of their son's achievement, owing some of it to their 'old-school' style of parenting.

Mr Hann said: ''We're not your conventional parents so Jack is not your conventional child. We don't, as some parents do, stick him in front of the television for the evening.

''We don't let him play on games consoles during the week, only at weekends. Instead he spends most of his free time outside playing, like kids used to do, and he reads a lot as well.

''As parents we're really proud of Jack, he just loves going to school. If he ever has to miss a day's school for extra curricular activities he says 'What? I can't go to school?', which is great to see from a lad his age.''

Jack has a very healthy diet, but never missing a day of school through illness remains an exceptional achievement. He has never even been to school while feeling a bit under the weather, the toughest it has got for Jack is tiredness from all the consecutive days of school he has had.

Jack is a very keen actor, and is a member of Trapdoor Theatr Productions and often performs at Theatr Clwyd with them, and is a Scout with Northop Hall Scouts Group.

Mrs Harrison, Headteacher, said: ''We're very proud of Jack, 100% attendance for one year would be good but to do every year is an amazing achievement.

''Every year when he gets his latest certificate marking his perfect attendance record, I ask him what he has for his breakfast!

''He just loves coming to school and he's great little lad, and of course very healthy.''

Jack Hann said: 'I want to leave a legacy behind me from primary school as I move up to Mold Alun High School.

''I hopes other pupils will look up to me and aim for 100% attendance. Eating well and sleeping well is the key. Porridge and a brew every morning.''