BUCKLEY Shopping Centre has been put on the market with a price tag of £3million.

The shopping centre, which was revamped in 2011 under the 'Buckley Masterplan' initiative, currently houses 19 retail units and one single-floor office.

It is now up for sale at the multi-million pound tenure asking price through Liverpool-based estate agents, Mason Owen.

Estate Agent documents show that five units in the shopping centre are empty while the used units are being rented for a price ranging from £5,300 to £67,920 per year.

All businesses at the centre, on Brunswick Road and Precinct Way, have a tenancy agreement until at least August 2019, and Rightway store-owned Bevans has signed a lease until 2097.

Cllr Richard Jones, of Bistre East ward, believes the step is a "positive not a negative" for the area.

He said: "Just because it's up for sale, it does not mean it's negative. Someone else can come along and invest and there will still be premiums and retail.

"Whatever the decision, it will still have to go through planning. Whoever purchases the centre is obviously intending to invest.

"Personally, I hope we can continue to grow Buckley. Home Bargains and Aldi was a positive for the area. It's tough everywhere, not just Buckley specifically. We can't say Buckley is different to anywhere else with car parking charges and internet shopping."

Buckley resident Carla Tellet welcomes the opportunity for new ownership as new investors "may make the place more attractive for shoppers and bring new business opportunities."

Ms Tellet said: "The sky-high rents have killed off the small businesses. We used to have a thriving shopping area, and while businesses come, they don't survive. Its such a shame as we have a large population.

"What we don't need is anymore charity shops, they serve a purpose but we have too many and they make the precinct unappealing. It would be lovely to see a fruit and veg shop back in there, or maybe a clothes, sports and uniform shop."

But for fellow Buckley resident Simon Jones, the decision to up and sell does not instil much confidence in the area.

Mr Jones said: "I think it's a joke if I'm honest - we have just started up a small business. Buckley seems to be dying. Charity shops and hairdressers is all that’s really here."

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