SCHOOL pupils and staff are celebrating a positive inspection report.

Wat’s Dyke Community Primary School in Garden Village has had its performance was judged as excellent or good across all five inspection areas by Estyn.

Staff, pupils and governors are elated after receiving the positive judgements from the inspection, which was carried out in May.

A notable feature of the report is the pupils’ attitude to their learning, which has had a very positive impact upon standards and learning experiences.

The Estyn inspectors recognised that “all pupils’ standards of wellbeing and attitudes towards learning are excellent. Pupils’ confidence and resilience in tackling challenges contribute extremely effectively towards ensuring that pupils show high levels of motivation, interest and pride in their work. As a result, pupils are ambitious, capable, confident and independent learners”.

The report also acknowledges the “high quality of professional leadership which has created a consistent culture of raising standards among staff”.

This high quality of professional leadership has supported improvements in pupils’ standards and the development of their independent learning skills very well.

Collaboration with other schools to fund training for innovative programmes for the benefit of the pupils, is a very strong feature.

The report states: “The continuous professional development of all staff links clearly to the school’s vision, its strategic priorities and the personal aspirations of the staff.”

Heulwen Burke headteacher of Wat’s Dyke school said: “The success of the Estyn findings is the result of the tremendous commitment, and hard work of the staff, governors parents and, of course, the children.

"There are so many positive features within the report, and I am delighted that the teachers and support staff have been recognised for their contribution to successful initiatives which has resulted in improved standards.

“I am particularly pleased with the findings that our children are enthusiastic to learn and are proud to be part of a caring ambitious learning community. This is a huge endorsement of the staff’s approach to inclusion.

Mrs Burke added: "The staff, governors,parents and most of all our wonderful children should feel enormous pride to be part of Wat’s Dyke family”.

Mel Morris, chair of governors said: “The governing body are delighted with the report, which highlights a number of positive features including the excellent leadership and the highly effective delivery of the curriculum to all key stages within the school.

"We are particularly pleased with the inspectors’ view that the school has a clear vision, is constantly striving for improvement in all areas and is very well prepared for the forthcoming changes to the curriculum in Wales.

"The report is a tribute to the professionalism, dedication and ability of the headteacher and her staff.”

Resulting from the successful inspection, the schools has been requested to prepare a case study on its work to be published on the Estyn website as an exemplar of best practice to be shared with other schools.

A full copy of the reports are available on the Estyn website.