A BUCKLEY man was subjected to a terrifying ordeal in his home when a couple broke in and attacked him with a kitchen knife and CS gas, a court heard.

Sherrine Williams, 43, and George Rogers, 62, were sentenced to six years in prison for carrying out the vengeful attack in the early hours of the morning which left Martin Kermode with cuts to his stomach, arm and thigh.

The court was told Williams, a former mental health nurse, had an “on-off” relationship with Mr Kermode and had been drinking heavily on the night, but there appeared little motivation for her and Rogers’ actions.

The pair crept in through the French doors, which had been left unlocked by Mr Kermode who was in the bed at the time.

He heard voices and recognised Williams calling “Where the f… are you, hiding up the stairs”, outlined prosecuting barrister David Mainstone.

When the victim came down the staircase he was confronted by Rogers brandishing a knife with an eight inch blade.

Williams then sprayed him in the face and Rogers shouted: “You know what this is about, I’m going to stick this in you” as he thrust the blade at his victim.

Mr Kermode realised he’d been stabbed when he saw a large amount of blood. He managed to pull the knife away from his assailant only for Williams to pull something from her handbag and Mr Kermode recoiled when he realised he’d been stabbed a second time.

Williams then was said to have laughed as the pair made off into a car parked outside.

Williams, of Brunswick Street, Buckley and Rogers, of Mountain View Road, Mynyd Isa both admitted aggravated burglary and inflicting grievous bodily harm on Mr Kermode with intent on May 12 this year.

Rogers told police that he’d met Williams at a pub where she had complained about Mr Kermode owing £600 and he said he’d taken the knife for protection.

Anna Pope, defending Rogers, said he had been a model employee working for more than 40 years as an electrician and once stood for parliament in Chester.

“For a number of years he was chairman of Chester Ladies Football Club and he has also been a chairman of Chester Independent Supporters Association,” outlined Ms Pope. “He stood as an independent candidate to highlight the plight of the football club at the time.

“In the week leading up to the incident a salon he owned suffered some damage which might have affected him when he was asked to help someone who had been wronged.”

Mr Matthew Dunford, for Williams, said: “She was a registered mental health nurse for 20 years and worked serving others. It is ironic that while she was helping others with issues of mental health she was herself suffering similar problems.”

Mr Kermode, who was left scarred by his “superficial” wounds, denied he owned money to Williams. In a victim personal statement read out to the court, Mr Kermode said he couldn’t think of any reason why he had been attacked.

Judge David Hale told the pair as he sentenced them to six years in prison: “It is very surprising to find two people who have positive good character before a court pleading guilty to an aggravated burglary of such a serious type.

“But that is little comfort to Mr Kermode coming downstairs to be confronted by you two. This was in the middle of the night and you took weapons.”

The pair were also ordered to pay £170 victim surcharge when they were released from jail with the judge saying they would serve half the sentence in custody and half on licence.