CHEMICALS which caused homes to be evacuated and emergency services to be called out were bought by a science student who wanted to show his children experiments.

A bomb disposal team and emergency services were called to a flat at Bron y Wern in Bagillt in the early hours of April 4 following the discovery of chemical substances, following which a man was arrested.

Now that the investigation has concluded the man, 36-year-old David James, has lifted the lid and told the Leader what actually happened.

The Leader:

Police presence as flats were evacuated in Bron y Wern, Bagillt

Mr James, a science student who is preparing to go to university, told the Leader: "I had various organic solvents in my home, chemicals, electronic devices and laboratory glassware.

"The science at home I was doing was completely legitimate - all of the chemicals are readily available to anyone.

"I usually keep them in my shed but the lock had broken so I felt it was safer to store them in my home.

"My main aim was to teach my 13 and eight-year-old daughters chromatography, re-crystallisation and how to make soap.

"I even have the three different sized lab coats here for each of us including the rest of the personal protective equipment.

"There have been all sorts of rumours going around but I just want people to know I am not a terrorist or a drug addict."

Mr James said that while he can appreciate how the electronics and chemicals police found at his home during a welfare check may have caused alarm, he maintains the experiments were legitimate and not sinister in nature.

But he told the Leader he felt he had been 'persecuted' for having mental health difficulties, having battled borderline personality disorder from a young age.

He said: "Yes I do have borderline personality disorder but it most certainly doesn't affect my ability to think about problems and solve them. I take medication to stop the mood swings.

"My mental health has no correlation to what I want to study."

Mr James added the investigation, which he said saw several of his possessions and electronics taken away for analysis, has caused him a great deal of stress.

He added: "Due to my mental health capacity I don't cope well with any stress at all.

"It has been a nightmare but I feel so much better now it is over - I feel like I've had a million tonnes lifted off my shoulders. I'm just moving forward."

A spokesman for North Wales Police confirmed the investigation into Mr James has officially been closed and no further action is to be taken.