A WOMAN is urging Flintshire residents to be more considerate when it comes to vulnerable adults.

Jackie Martin has hit out at people who park their cars at Llys Jasmine, a supported living area in Mold, and leave their cars to go shopping.

She said it is worse on market days, but those spaces are for residents and their families to park.

The nurse added: “I just think people in Flintshire need to be a little bit more considerate to people who are vulnerable.

“Some residents may not be able to drive themselves but a lot of people visiting can’t even get their cars there, or staff when they do their shift.

“It seems so petty to me, it’s gone up but for goodness sake, try parking in Liverpool or Chester then you will have something to moan about.

“I don’t know whether people consider what they do, or they don’t care but there are vulnerable people in there. I just think it’s selfish.”

Jackie, who visits her mum on a regular basis, said there has been occasions when she has been unable to find a space and has resorted to parking on a nearby pavement, which she says is dangerous for those with mobility scooters and frames.

She said: “Come on Flintshire residents, try and think about this, you may finish up with one of your residents in there one day and you can’t get a space in an emergency.

“My mum has a brain injury and when she knows she’s getting picked up for a certain time, she will be waiting. You can’t persuade her to wait inside but potentially you could have someone having to sit and wait outside longer.

“My mum then gets anxious because I haven’t shown up on time. It’s not a lot of money to pay for parking, I don’t understand.”

Steve Jones, chief officer, streetscene and transportation, said: “The council recognises that parking can sometimes be a challenge however we can confirm that on-site parking at Llys Jasmine extra care scheme is sufficient to enable staff to park on site.

“We will continue to encourage all visitors of the need to park in the nearby car park and will continue to monitor the position.”

A spokesman for Wales and West Housing confirmed they will work closely with Flintshire County Council to monitor the use of the Llys Jasmine car park and will review on-site parking provision if necessary.