SAM RICKETTS believes England have all that is needed to reach Sunday's World Cup Final.

Wrexham boss Ricketts, a former Welsh international defender says Gareth Southgate's side are playing as well as they have done for some time heading into tonight's semi-final clash with Croatia in Russia.

"England have actually played with control in their game for the first time in a while," said Ricketts at Wrexham's training camp in Portugal. "They have actually looked comfortable in the game.

"For the last 10 years or so everyone has said they need to pass it, they have passed it but with no real reason and with no real end goal.

"This is the first time for a while I have seen an England team passing with a purpose and an idea of what they are trying to do every time they get the ball.

"They are always looking to hurt the opposition and I think they are looking really good.

"It will be a really hard game against Croatia but for the first time England are going into a semi-final with a really good chance of getting to the final."

Some of the players gave their predictions.

"2-0 England," said Chris Holroyd.

"2-1 England, I fancy them, it is coming home," said Mark Carrington.

"1-0 England," said Kevin Roberts.