The Leader:

THERE are Wrexham shirts everywhere in Portugal and Peter Gwyn is proud to see his company's logo on the tops for the first time.

Peter Gwyn Potatoes have been unveiled as the club's first ever sleeve sponsor.

The National League have allowed clubs to carry sleeve sponsorship for the 2018-19 season and Peter jumped at the chance to support Wrexham in a unique way.

Peter Gwyn Potatoes are a family run business, established in 1991 by Peter Gwyn and are currently celebrating their 27th year of trading.

"I am proud to do it," said Gwyn. "I have been a Wrexham supporter since I was 10 years of age and never dreamt one day I would be a sponsor on their shirt.

"Hopefully I am doing it the year we go back up into the Football League.

"I mentioned it to Geoff Scott last year. Premier League teams have got it on their sleeves, he said we are not allowed.

"Then I was in Cyprus on holiday and Geoff emailed me to say they are allowing it. It feels good to see it there.

"My two sons are proud as well. They are both big Wrexham fans and they can't believe people are buying shirts with their company on it."

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