HUNDREDS of people celebrated the 162nd year of Buckley's Jubilee parade.

Churchgoers from around the town and many other locals traditionally take to the streets on the second Tuesday in July to celebrate a long-established religious event organised by local churches, and this year was no exception.

Video and images by Geoff Abbott

Following a church service on Buckley Common, crowds lined the streets waving and clapping as several churches marched to celebrate the jubilee.

Children enjoyed time off school to attend the event, alongside many current and former residents of the town.

The historic jubilee celebrated its first procession way back in 1857 and is hailed a huge success by the community each year.

It all began 162 years ago when all of the men in the community of Buckley would allegedly spend all their wages having a drink in the pub before going home.

But on the second Tuesday of July in 1857, all the women and children in the town came together and marched against the men spending all their money on beer. It has been a tradition to march through the town on this day ever since.

After the parade, everyone enjoyed the delights of the traditional fair that takes place on Buckley Common as the sun came out in the afternoon.

Councillor David Ellis, Town Mayor, said: ''The event is always well attended and it’s an excellent event for the town.

“It brings a lot of people who have moved abroad or down south back home. It’s great to promote the town and it’s well supported by the local community.”

Councillor Carol Ann Ellis, Town Mayoress, said: ''It's gone really, the weather's been kind to us for a change so it's been a great day.

''It's a traditional event and as the town expands it's great to invite new residents to Buckley down, it's great for positive integration.''