HUNDREDS of people turned up to enjoy Mold’s newest live music festival.

Based on Kendricks Field, a variety of bands took to the stage, including Kidsmoke, Chasing Shadows and The Immediate to perform for MFest.

Jane Evans, one of the organisers, said the festival was aimed more towards adults with the stalls, music and bar, but it was a way to fundraise for Mold’s traditional carnival.

She added: “To keep the carnival a free event, we’ve got to keep thinking up new ways of raising money, so we came up with MFest, very similar to Live on the Square but brining it into the summer and onto the field.

“We re-used the money raised from sales for the carnival the next day, so people don’t have to pay. Whereas the MFest is aimed more towards an adult audience, the carnival is a family event.”

Jane said about 900 people turned up on average and at one point over 1,000 residents were enjoying the performances on offer.

She added: “It was brilliant, I haven’t seen the field look that busy before and the weather is amazing, everyone enjoyed it.”

The music festival, along with the carnival, was organised by a small group of volunteers who pride themselves in delivering community events.