A bemused Andy Moulsdale labelled the Rugby Football League's handling of North Wales Crusaders drop-goal controversy as "shambolic".

Cain Southerwood's last minute kick dropped under, rather than over, the crossbar, but referee Andy Sweet deemed that the Hunslet player's effort was good and the visitors left Queensway with a 19-18 success.

Crusaders CEO Moulsdale was left to find out that the RFL would not be overturning Sweet's decision, effectively ending the appeal process, via a piece on the Leader's official website, something which has left the club's former captain disappointed.

"The RFL have not sent us anything," said Moulsdale. "I was led to believe that the RFL would be sending us their decision first and that we might be able to respond.

"But I've just been sent a link to the article on the Leader's website saying that no further action will be taken.

"It's shambolic that they can just sweep it under the carpet. I get it's a tricky situation, I've been a rugby player for 15 years, so I know how things work.

"It's the context of the decision, which is hard to accept. It's the last minute of the game and it's blatantly not gone over the crossbar, yet they've won the game because of the decision.

"It's not a knock-on in the middle of the game, or even a mistake in the middle of the game which we would be able to have a chance to recover from, it's come 40 seconds from the end."

The RFL's head of match officials, Steve Ganson, reviewed the controversial decision and said: “Following on from an in-depth review of the game, it is clear that the referee made an error of judgement and incorrectly awarded a match-winning drop goal to Hunslet RLFC.

"We continuously review the performances of our match officials and, whilst are keen to emphasise that the job is extremely difficult and challenging, on this occasion the referee fell short of the standards expected.”

In setting out its operational rules for 2018, the RFL states that: 'in relation to any on field matter, the match official's decision shall be final'.

Furthermore, Section B2:12 of the code also states that clubs wishing to object to a result of a match, 'shall not be entitled to object to a result on the grounds of a match official's decision(s)'.

Asked where the Crusaders, who entertain Whitehaven on Sunday, go from here, Moulsdale continued: "There's nothing more we can do, we've just got to suck it up.

"They say decisions even themselves out during the season, but I'm not sure how this ever evens itself out.

"We've had quite a lot of reaction and 80 per cent of people have said that they can't believe what has gone on and that we should appeal.

"The other 20 per cent have said that the referee's decision is final, and I get that.

"We are 15 games into the season and it's the first time I've called Steve Ganson (head of match officials). Some people are on the phone after every game.

"I'm not one to constantly moan, but the decision isn't good for the game."