PLANS to build more than 60 new homes in Drury would place a huge strain on schools and health services, residents have claimed.

Muller Property has entered a formal application to demolish one house on Drury Lane and create 66 new ones on land to the north of the site in Flintshire after holding a consultation.

It would include a mixture of one, two and three-bedroom homes, along with public open space either side of Bank Lane.

The proposals have been met with stern opposition by local community members, who say that GP appointments and school places are already difficult to access.

However, Muller previously claimed that approval of the outline application would deliver 'much needed' new homes.

Hannah Catherall, who lives next door but one from the property earmarked for demolition, said: "People knew it was coming because this has been going on for years and years.

"Nothing's changed since the last time they refused it and I'm not sure why they're doing it again to be honest.

"They think we've got a housing crisis in Drury and there aren't enough houses, which is not the case at all.

"I tried to get a doctor's appointment on Friday and the earliest they could see us was July 25.

"There used to be 100 kids at the school when I was there many years ago. It's fit to bursting now and some of them are in portacabins, it's not great."

Teaching children in temporary classrooms, such as those at Drury Primary School, has been met with opposition recently.

Mayoress of Buckley Cllr Carol Ellis told a town council meeting last week that she disagreed with the idea of pupils being educated in portable buildings, particularly during the summer.

Concerns have also been raised about plans to demolish the property at 81 Drury Lane, which is joined onto a neighbouring home.

Mrs Catherall added: "The demolition will have a massive impact on how the area looks. It's one of the oldest buildings and it's attached to another property.

"She's absolutely devastated the lady whose house is attached to it. Her grandad built that house and she's lived there all her life.

"Drury is one of those places where people grow up and tend to stay. There's a really good community here and everyone feels really strongly about this, Muller have got a fight on their hands."

Muller Property said it had no comment to make at this stage.

Flintshire Council now has a period of 13 weeks to deal with the application.