Top marks to pupils at a Wrexham primary school who have set themselves the challenge of walking three million step before the summer holidays.

The project was set up by pupils on the School Council at Eyton Primary School, Wrexham, as a way to focus on healthy living.

Video and images by Craig Colville

The pupils decided to get the entire school, ages five to 11, to walk a total of one million steps within a school term.

Paul Griffiths, headteacher at Eyton Primary School said: "They actually managed to complete one million steps in just three weeks so they wanted to try and do two million steps which they will complete soon.

"Their next goal is three million steps before the end of the school term."

To calculate the number of steps, pupils at the school have created graphs and charts based on each child walking an average of 250 steps per lap of their circuit.

Every time a lap is completed by a pupil, they drop a token into a tub to calculate the number of steps walked.

Mr Griffiths said: "There's a lot of maths involved and the children do that themselves.

"Every morning after registration, the children come outside to take part and it really sharpens them up.

"Some parents have even got involved and we've had really positive feedback.

"The children were really keen to keep going with the project and that's why we're trying to reach the three million steps."