A LABOUR politician has deemed it a "disgrace" that the government have publicly criticised Airbus following the company's announcement last week.

Politicians raised their concerns and Mark Tami MP joined a number of his Labour colleagues in calling for the government to give global companies such as Airbus certain commitments so they can plan for the future.

Mark Tami MP was granted an urgent question in parliament yesterday, asking the Business Secretary, Greg Clark MP, to make a statement on Airbus' Brexit Risk Assessment Report and its implications for future investment and job security in the UK.

The Secretary of State responded by commending the aerospace industry and acknowledging the importance of Airbus to the industry's success. He also said that Airbus should be listened to with respect and that it is his and the prime minister's aim to secure a deal that satisfies their demands.

Mark Tami said after the debate: "It’s a disgrace that senior Tory Ministers have come out since Airbus made the announcement and have publicly criticised them for doing so.

"Airbus have been privately asking for assurances for the past 12 months and I made it clear to the Secretary of State that Airbus are not alone with their fears, other big global companies like BMW and Siemens have since sought similar assurances from the Government.

"I am pleased that the Secretary of State has not dismissed the announcement as 'Project Fear' - like some of his cabinet colleagues. It is however now a case of doing something about it, we can’t be in a position in March next year where global companies like Airbus are reconsidering their position in the UK because they are not happy with the deal with the EU.

"I thank my North Wales colleagues who also raised their concerns in the debate. We will continue to hold this Government account and ensure they are not putting our constituents’' livelihoods at risk."