A RESEARCHER has asked the public for their help in finding out information behind the names on a war memorial.

Mavis Williams, researcher for the Connah’s Quay interservices committee, recently completed her research into the names of the WW1 soldiers on the Connah’s Quay and Shotton War Memorial to find out about their lives and how they died.

During her investigation, she found 22 missing names, which she wants added onto the current memorial, so they will not be forgotten.

Mavis has now moved onto researching the names from the soldiers involved in WW2 and although is working through the list, she needs the public’s help in finding out information for a few more names.

She said: “A recent diagnosis and my age has made me aware as never before that I am conscious of my own mortality.

“The need to complete these names on both memorials is becoming more urgent as I would like to leave a legacy to Connah’s Quay, Shotton and Hawarden towns and their war memorials.

“Any help in getting one more name completed so he will be remembered, and his story told would be wonderful.”

The names include H Griffiths, A.C Hall, F Jones, G.J Jones, F Jones, D.F Murphy, C Williams, S Williams and M Roberts who was added later at the bottom of the memorial.

Mavis added: “I have no information on these Servicemen, any information to their identity would be very much appreciated, as they must not be forgotten for their sacrifices, so we may be free.

“As the distance between the Second World War and now is so much less than WW1 and the 100 years, I thought that there may still be family members who remember names being spoken about and tales being told about their quite recently lost but loved ones.”

If anyone has any information, Mavis can be contacted via mothermave@talktalk.net.