ALMOST 200 fixed penalty fines wee issued across Wrexham to those caught littering.

Environmental enforcement firm Kingdom, contracted on behalf of Wrexham Council handed out 169 of the 197 of those fines for the dropping of cigarettes.

Seven were issued for dogs being in exclusion zones, four for dogs not being on leads, six for food litter, six for fouling one for printed litter and five for other litter (drinks cans, confectionary, tissues, plastic wrappers).

The ward with he highest number of fines issued was Chirk North, with 54.

Fines issued in other wards were; Bronington (one), Brynyffynnon (four) Cefn (16), Chirk South (15), Coedpoeth (three), Erddig (two), Esclusham (six) Gresford (four), Grosvenor (21), Holt (22), Johnstown (eight), Llay (14), Minera (one), Offa (four), Pant (one), Plas Madoc (one), Ponciau (four), Queensway (two), Ruabon (four), Smithfield (seven) and Whitegate (one). One offenc ein Overton occurred in April with the fine issued in May.

The statistics have been sent to members of Caia Park Community Council ahead of their meeting this week.

Along with the statistics, a spokesman for Kingdom said: "We have issued 197 fixed penalty notices during the month of May 2018.

"We have received 22 representations. All of these have now been closed.

"Officers have continued following up a number f requests involving dog fouling issues. Some of these patrols have proved to be successful."

He added: "We have allocated specific officers on a weekly basis to focus on particular hotspots raised from complaints received.

"All wards within the borough have been covered, with at least 20 minutes per visit being utilised to carry out foot patrols within the highlighted areas.

"This has allowed us to address areas which need more signage and also give a visual presence of our officers patrol to residents.

"We have carried out extended patrols of wards as requested and officers have been interacting with members of the public in regards to the issues that they are having in the area.

"We will continue to patrol problem areas that have been reported."

A breakdown of the penalties issued for dog fouling show single fines issued for dog fouling in Gresford, Chirk South and Overton, and three in Cefn.

For owners with taking dogs into areas they are excluded from, three fines were issued in Cefn, one in Plas Madoc, one in Whitegate, one in Chirk South and one in Holt.