POLICE have warned they will be prosecuting drivers who ignore "no entry" signs on a one-way high street.

North Wales Police (NWP) North Flintshire used their Facebook page to warn motorists of the consequences of driving the wrong way down Holywell High Street following a number of complaints.

The post read: "Can you please share this as much as possible for fair warning to all.

"Due to a number of complaints of people contravening the "no entry" sign at the top of Holywell High Street, NWP will be taking action to prosecute persons found doing this.

"Despite several warnings issued, we are still receiving complaints. This action is necessary for the safety of pedestrians and other cars correctly using the High Street.

"In summary please do not ignore the "no entry" sign near to the Victoria Pub.

"Failure to do so could result in a fine and possibly even points on your licence. There are council CCTV cameras that will monitor this and we would much rather educate than enforce an easily avoidable issue."

The police warning comes after months of planning to implement a six-month trial period of new traffic measures on the High Street, in a bid to heighten safety and increase local trade.

Flintshire Council launched the six month trial period on May 8, which included traffic regulations such as double-yellow lines and a limited number of parking bays, which the council said will be monitored and policed throughout the day.

The traffic scheme intends to encourage short-stay parking and safer pedestrian zones, to increase much-needed footfall in the town centre.

Residents voiced concerns in the past of motorists driving the wrong way down the High Street - turning right at the top of town near the post office, instead of heading through the bollards at the bottom of the High Street near the Old Wine Vaults.

This warning coincides with a statement made by Flintshire Council about the repercussions of breaching the new traffic regulations.

Steve Jones, chief officer Streetscene and Transportation said: "Prior to the implementation of the pilot de-pedestrianisation scheme which has been supported by the Town Council and local businesses, enforcement could only be carried out by North Wales Police.

"The introduction of formal traffic orders (in conjunction with the pilot scheme) allows the council's own enforcement team to enforce against illegal parking.

"The enforcement team have patrolled the area during the first week of the pilot, advising motorists that inappropriate parking may result in the serving of fixed penalty notices, however this period has now ended and motorists will be issued with a penalty if they are witnessed contravening the new parking orders along the High Street."