LEADER readers have had their say on overgrown grass across the region.

Residents from across Wrexham have taken to Facebook to voice their concerns about long grass verges which conceal dangerous junctions and unkempt areas.

David Whittam said: “Almost every junction in the surrounding areas of Wrexham are dangerously obscured by long verges.

“This combined with speeding is going to kill someone. I’ve lost count of the close calls I’ve had at junctions.”

Elizabeth Pearl said: “There is another place near Gwersyllt where grass needs cutting as it’s obscuring the visibility when pulling out.

“It’s potentially dangerous, was talking about it the other day.

“Think there is a general issue at the moment across Wrexham, I have noticed a few places where the grass desperately needs cutting.”

Tracey Scourfield said: “I love to see the long grass along the edges of the road as its great for the wildlife but at junctions I think it needs to be cut back.

“If the verges are wide, then not all of it needs doing.”

Chris Woodcock on Facebook also said that cemeteries were overgrown, calling the situation ‘absolutely ridiculous’.

Cllr David A Bithell, lead member for Wrexham.com, said: “We are aware of complaints from residents regarding the length of grass, the growth of which has increased due to the recent humidity.

“We are currently working flat out on cutting grass and will continue to do so into the coming weeks.

“We are also working on increasing the visibility on splays on highways.”