WHAT more could I ask for on a sunny Sunday afternoon but wonderful company and excellent music in a beautiful setting and that's exactly what I got when I attended Paloma Faith's concert in Delamere Forest.

The event was part of the Forestry Commission’s Forest Live concert series with Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbott and Gary Barlow all performing on the previous two nights.

Thousands pitched their camping seats in the forest to watch Elli Ingram, a singer/ songwriter warm up the crowd before the main event- Paloma.

Other reviews from Forest Live:

The night started with the voice of Samuel L Jackson urging us to “know you can change things”, taken from her number one selling album- The Architect.

And then Paloma entered stage left, and from the get go she belted out hit after hit in her own eccentric style.

The event attracted an eclectic crowd with all ages and genres represented, all enjoying the party atmosphere, maybe some a little too much but hey, the sun was shining how often does that happen here?

Paloma even slipped in a few life lessons for us along the way urging us all to be better people by starting an 'epidemic of kindness' . This involves doing one random act of kindness a day, talk to a homeless person, engage with your neighbour, even tell your spouse you love them.

She also told us that becoming a parent had made her appreciate her body and encouraged us to be thankful for amazing things our own bodies do!

As always Paloma looked stunning with her hair styled in a striking blonde bob and dressed in a black mini dress and silver ankle boots she negotiated the set, despite her heels, nimbly climbing up and down the staging belting out her tunes.

Her set kicked off with the title track of her tour and album the Architect before she took us through her hit list from Crybaby, Guilty, I'll Be There, a duet on the album with John Legend but sung just as well in Delamere with B.B. Bones.

Highlights for me were Picking up the Pieces and the track which accompanies a Skoda advert Make your own Music, giving us all that feel good factor.

I have been a fan of Paloma's for a long time. I love her individuality but mostly its is her striking voice.

This was the first time I had seen her live and she did not fail to disappoint her voice was as strong as it sounds in recording studio and her backing singers and band are some of slickest musicians I have seen.

Paloma certainly was the Architect of a great performance, putting on a stunning show giving is us a night to remember.