MEMBERS of Flintshire Council's planning committee have called on Welsh government to create a clear policy to guide members on houses in multiple occupancy (HMO).

It comes after plans to turn a three bedroom house on Gladstone Road, Broughton, into a seven bedroom house of multiple occupancy with extension, were rejected at Flintshire Council's planning committee meeting last week.

The nature of the application in Broughton, with plans for at least seven occupants and only parking space for three cars, has led to the calls for Welsh government to provide a clear and defined blueprint for planning committee members to follow, in terms of a maximum number of car parking spaces available and the scale of extensions to property that are allowed to be made.

Broughton community councillor Mike Lowe, speaking on the plans, said: ''Welsh government issued a draft policy surrounding HMO three years ago, but we have seen no further guidelines since.

"Where are potentially four cars going to go if seven people live there but there is only parking space for three cars? The answer is parked on the road.''

County councillor Kevin Hughes said: ''There is simply no doubt that this extension will alter the character of the estate and impact on people living in the area.

''Enough is enough, we need a clear policy from Welsh government for HMO, something that clearly defines what is acceptable and what isn't.

''Until Welsh government comes up with such a policy, we're going to continue to be bombarded with applications like this one, where we're placed in a difficult position as trying to follow planning policy while deciding what is suitable for our communities.''

County councillor Chris Bithell believes landlords and property developers are exploiting a lack of policy for HMO for their own monetary advantage.

He said: ''Unlike most applications for HMO, this one is different. They are usually large detached properties built on main roads in town centres.

''This is a modern semi-detached house on a suburban estate and so would not be at all difficult to sell on the market as a three bedroom house, it's been marketed as a HMO to make more money, it's as simple as that.''