Local residents came out in protest about plans for a home of multiple occupancy (HMO) in Broughton.

Around 30 concerned residents picketed outside the proposed site at 46 Gladstone Road on Monday as members of the planning committee visited the location with a decision whether to go ahead with the plans expected at a Flintshire County Council planning committee meeting on Wednesday.

Video and images by Rick Matthews

The planning application is to change an existing 3 bedroom house into a 7 bedroom house of multiple occupancy with extension.

But Flintshire County Council have received a total of 29 letters of objection from local residents, which include concerns for inadequate parking, the site being directly opposite a junction and being is out of keeping with the area, lack of access for emergency vehicles, limited room for recycling, water recycling and vehicles.


There are also concerns for parents with children using the access road, it being an alleged unneighbourly development, noise pollution and it setting a precedent for future development.

Mrs Kathleen Jones, 80 and local resident, said: ''We don't know what to do. Everything seems to be being done underhandedly, with meetings being done without people knowing and half of the residents in the immediate vicinity haven't received notice of the plans.''

Her husband, Eric Jones, 80, added: ''The fact they've said it's only going to be 7 people living there seems questionable considering all the bedrooms will be accompanied with en-suit bathrooms. As is the figure given for maximum parking space, for 4.2 vehicles.

''I'm not sure where they come up with such figures but the other week someone was visiting the property and parked opposite on the pavement, and we believe this'll be the case everyday if the plans are accepted. It all seems a bit ridiculous but there it is.''

Broughton Community Council declined to comment on the plans.