THE ex-wife of Bryan Davies, the former Llangollen children’s home supervisor charged with sexual offences against 11 boys in his care, told a court she did not know he was bisexual.

Wendy Davies was giving evidence at the Mold Crown Court trial of her ex-partner who is accused of abusing boys who were residents at the private care home Ystrad Hall and an adjoining unit Eirianfa.

The court heard Mrs Davies continued to live with Davies after he was convicted of three charges of indecent assault against two residents of the care home at Llangollen Magistrates Court in 1978.

Barrister Daniel Moore, prosecuting, asked Mrs Davies when she had become aware her husband was bisexual and she replied: “This minute. I didn’t know that was the case. I had no idea.”

When she was asked if the allegations against her former partner in 1978 did not make her question his sexuality, she added: “I was married to this man and had two sons. I didn’t connect that with any homosexuality.

“Maybe I’m being naïve. I was 23 years old. I have been totally thrown and it didn’t occur to me that was the case.”

Mrs Davies said it was a “very distressing” time when the original allegations were made and she recalled going off to stay with her parents.

“I had a young son and it was not an option to leave. I thought he was punished properly by the court,” she added.

Asked by defence barrister Tania Griffiths if she knew why her ex-husband had been sacked from his post as deputy principal at Ystrad Hall, she recalled: “There was inappropriate behaviour by him with boys at the Eirianfa unit.

"He was given community service and had to have some sort of counselling.”

Mr Moore asked her whether she cared how many victims there were at that point.

And she replied: “Of course I cared, but maybe I was young and wanted to bury my head in the sand.”

She said she could only recall two occasions when boys from the care unit were brought back to the family home and she said she did not remember a time when Davies brought boys back to the home in a van.

“I remember one boy coming at Christmas. It was a treat to be taken out of the unit and given some respite from that environment,” she said. “But I would have been aware what was going on in my home.”

The court was told her relationship with Mr Davies ended in 1991 and she had last met him in 2008.

After Davies’ arrest in 1993, her eldest son was approached by the police and she recalled being asked by Davies to tell him “what had happened back in the 1970s”.

Davies, 71, now of West Redhill, Surrey, denies 38 charges, including allegations of indecent assault and serious sexual assaults on boys in the 1970s as well as charges of making indecent images of children and inciting children to indulge in sexual acts over the internet.

The case continues.