PLANS for several new homes in Buckley will impact on the safety of school children and members of the public.

That is the view of Buckley mayor cllr David Ellis, as well as a committee of residents who have come together to oppose the scheme.

A planning application for permission to build 14 homes adjacent to a cottage and Cheshire Lane in Alltami Road, Buckley, was lodged with Flintshire Council in March.

According to a planning statement, the scheme would be 'logical' and meets a current and future need.

Drawings submitted with the plans show how the access road for the homes would run across public footpath 22, which runs along the side of the site, with a safety barrier installed for those crossing the road.

But residents have said the development would create a risk on the footpath, which is widely used by members of the community and students from nearby Elfed High School.

Cllr Ellis told the Leader: "I am against it - it is a public right of way and it will cause a high risk to members of the public and to school children.

"This is a route to school and and none of the residents want it tampered with in any way.

"I have concerns over the over-development of the site, overlooking and a loss of privacy.

"It is also a wildlife habitat and there have been numerous sightings of badgers and bats."

Cllr Ellis said he also fears the development would pose a risk to residents - particularly children - of nearby Holmleigh Close, with construction vehicles having to pass through a completed and inhabited residential area to reach the location of the works.

Mandy Forshaw, a member of the residents committee, told the Leader: "It is a safe route, at the moment, for school children and it is used by dog walkers as well as pedestrians going into Buckley town.

"It is on a blind bend which is a real issue when there are toddlers or school children around because there is no visibility for drivers and very little for pedestrians.

"Footpath 22 is known as 'Tucky Lane' locally. It has been there for 200 years as a footpath which is meant for the public to walk safely on - it is not acceptable to put a housing development there.

"Buckley has done more than its fair share in development. In the last two or three years there have been almost 200 new builds in Alltami Road and that is a road of less than a mile.

"There are plenty of sites across Buckley that have permission for planning but have not been done - they should be developed first.

"The deadline for objections was on Friday but people can still submit late observations.

"I would encourage everyone to have a say because Buckley needs to be listened to."