Tributes have been paid to a former editor of the Wrexham Leader who has died aged 89.

Tony Lloyd, of Acton Gate, Garden Village who edited the Wrexham Leader from the early 1960's to the late 1970's, died suddenly on Saturday.

Mr Lloyd was educated at Grove Park Grammar School in the town before leaving at 17 to complete his national service in the RAF. After leaving the RAF he joined the Leader as a reporter.

Before long Tony had worked his way up to the position of editor, which his sons said he was very proud of, being aged just 34 at the time and continued to hold the post for 21 years.

After working at the Leader, he moved on to become the editor of Country Quest, a local magazine which Graham said his father was proud to say he increased the circulation of.

Mr Lloyd then left the world of journalism to take up a position on the All Wales Health Management Efficiency Group - a job he apparently found a lot less stressful.

Graham said: "He was very proud of his journalistic career and was happy to serve as editor. He even edited my homework, as he was keen to ensure we said the right thing."

In his later years, Mr Lloyd suffered from macular degeneration, rendering him registered blind. Despite this, he continued to find ways to support his local community by joining the Touchwood bowling club - a bowls club for people who suffer from blindness. He was also an active participant in the Wrexham Macular Society and Visually Impaired Endeavours In Wrexham (VIEW).

A keen golfer and a fan of local history, Tony was a founding member of the Wrexham Area Civic society in 1974 and in his position there secured the restoration of the Four Dogs in Acton for which he won a Prince of Wales award.

Reg Herbert, another former editor at the Leader spoke of his predecessor, saying: "Tony was an excellent editor in the traditional style and ran the Leader in its heyday.

"He was very knowledgeable, with a great sense of humour and had an interest in the wider Wrexham area."

Mr Lloyd was married to Pamela before her death, and leaves behind sons Hugh, Graham and Robert and granddaughter Caitlin.