A WOMAN whose car burst into flames on the side of the A483 has spoke of her ordeal.

Zoe Boyd, from Wallasey on the Wirral, was travelling back from a camping holiday with her son and her dog when her car developed a fault just outside Rossett.

Speaking of the experience, Zoe said: "I've lost everything. Only thing I've got left of the car is the key.

"All I heard was a bang and knew it wasn't right. I just got to the side of the road and got us out ASAP.

"As we walked away flames were coming out of the bonnet."

The incident occurred on May 7 at about 2pm.

She added: "I phoned the emergency services and the fire service came and put the car out. They put me on oxygen as I couldn't breath properly and then an ambulance came and took me and my son to hospital.

"A car and a motor home stopped to see if they could help. The guy from the motor home tried to use a fire extinguisher but the car was well alight.

"I was in convoy with my brother and my partner so they came back down to try help. My son had contacted them over the walkie talkies we had so they knew what had happened. It could have been a lot worse.

"I want to thank the campervan and the car that stopped as I was in such a state I couldn't even tell the emergency services what service I needed or where I was.

"The fire service were amazing, giving us some water for us and the dog and also putting me on oxygen as I was struggling.

"I've lost everything as I was coming home from camping but I'm just so glad we got out unhurt."