A councillor has pleaded for the abolishment of what was once a main attraction in Wales.

Cllr Christine Jones, of the Sealand Ward, says the wreckage of what was once the Gateway to Wales Hotel should be destroyed as it is an eyesore for the community.

She said: “It’s really sad that they have left it as it is as a reminder of that terrible day. A day that could have ended in tragedy.

“Thankfully no lives were lost but it was an awful day for everyone involved and they are constantly reminded of that, it had an impact on everyone.

“It’s not serving its purpose, it’s just there as a reminder for those poor people involved, when I’m sure they would rather forget and move on.”

Emergency services were called to the hotel, which is situated on Welsh Road, Deeside, at about 4.30am on December 18 to reports of a fire.

A total of seven fire crews, one from Buckley, Flint, Chester, Wrexham, and two from Deeside, together with two aerial ladder platforms from Chester and Wrexham, turned up to the incident.

Around 60 firefighters tackled the inferno that destroyed 80 per cent of the ground floor.

Christine Jones added: “I really do plead for them to just demolish it, so these people can have a new start and not constantly been reminded.

“I always hoped they would rebuild it after the investigation, but we have heard of no future plans and has been empty as far as we know.

“The council has received no applications for the demolishing or anything and there are no staff there, everyone has gone.

“They should at least clear the area and look like they are doing something, you can see it from the motorway, everywhere you turn it’s just there.”

The Cllr says the smell of smoke still lingers and the building looks as though it will cave in.

The Gateway to Wales hotel is understood to have had about 40 rooms and suffered severe damage at the front and rear of the building.

All guests and staff were accounted for, along with residents in nearby homes, who were all evacuated to Deeside Leisure Centre.

Four weeks after the fire, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they had concluded their investigation and the 'most probable' cause was due to an electrical fault.