ANTI-social bikers making residents lives a misery on a Wrexham estate have been warned to expect a knock at their door.

Caia Park community councillors raised concerns that with the lighter nights and nice weather set to return, the noise and dangers posed by off-road bikers throughout last summer would be repeated.

Queensway county councillor Carrie Harper said she has been told by some residents in her own ward, and in neighbouring Cartrefle ward, that the problem had already started up again.

Last year residents experienced problems day and night with bikers ‘razzing around’ in open areas and fields such as The Dunks.

PCSO Jonathan Davies told the council that police resources had been beefed up to tackle the problem and more off-road bike officers had been trained up especially.

He added a number of operations to deal with the issue were being planned, and any council tenants keeping bikes used for anti-social behaviour (ASB) were risking their tenancy.

“Last week myself and the [Wrexham Council’s] tenancy enforcement visited a property in Pentre Gwyn, where off-road bikes have been, spoke to a tenant and told him and his partner that they would get a warning letter.

“Paying them a visit is our biggest deterrent along with the threat of eviction to their tenancy.”

PCSO Davies was quizzed about how difficult an offence it was to stop with police not being allowed to ‘chase’ bikers.

He said: “Us not being able to chase them is not strictly true.

“We can and we would do. It all depends on the circumstances.

“If someone is murdered or there is an armed robbery there is no way we would let them drive off. We would pursue them 100 per cent.

“Everything has to be in proportion.

“We won’t send cars and bikes after a 16-year-old razzing around without a helmet on in case he has a crash.

“More off-road bike officers have now been trained and there will be more operations this summer on a regular basis.”

PCSO Davies added: “I’m working with Caia Housing (estate office), going to target certain blocks of garages, with the keys and any that won’t open, we will break open.

“We can go into gardens, sheds, look for evidence of bikes there. We are just going to have to keep pecking away.”

Whitegate councillor Carole Lloyd referrred to youths throwing stones at properties, including her own, about a month ago.

PCSO Davies said anti-social behaviour had generally been “quite good” in the last month and gangs of youths congregating in the Lodge area, Archers Way and along Prince Charles Road “seem to have disappeared”.

He is taking feedback from the meeting to his senior officers.