Drivers are being urged not to "amber gamble" after moves were made to improve a junction.

The traffic light, based opposite St Ethelwold’s Church at the bottom of Shotton Lane, has been increased from about seven seconds to 15 seconds.

After receiving a number of complaints, councillors Gary Cooper and Cllr Mike Evans, got the timing changed.

Cllr Cooper said originally the timing of the lights meant only four cars were getting through at a time.

He added: “Having been a councillor for a long time, I care about my town and a lot of people have been complaining about it.

“I was in traffic in that area the other day and I have noticed a vast improvement, but people still do amber gamble.

“People were, and still are, taking a chance so as not to get stuck in traffic and there’s going to be an accident there one day.”

The councillors are also requesting for yellow markings to be placed at the area to increase road safety and decrease traffic queues.

Cllr Cooper says this has been reported to Streetscene and is on their schedule.

The councillor added: “We understand that these jobs are prioritised so repairs to the roads come first, but people who go to work don’t want to be stuck in traffic.

“Even though improvements have been made it’s all about road safety and we ask motorists to be more observant when it comes to timing changes.

“I’m happy that everything has been done to our satisfaction.”