A DRIVER caught driving at 120mph on a dual carriageway told a court he was desperate for a wee.

Nicholas Simon Westwood, 47, said he had suffered muscle damage and needed to go to the toilet.

After being stopped the officer allowed him to open front and rear doors of the police car so that he could relieve himself without being seen.

Westwood admitted speeding on the A483 dual carriageway at Wrexham on April 11. He was banned from driving for 28 days, fined £675 with £85 costs and a £67 surcharge.

Prosecutor Brian Robinson said an officer of the roads policing department was carrying out speed enforcement checks on the northbound carriageway when he saw a red VW Golf travelling at speed.

A Prolaser speedmeter recorded the speed at 120mph in a 70mph area.

Westwood told the officer: “I’ve got some issues, I’m going to my cousins in Hope which isn’t far.

“I’m extremely desperate for the toilet. I was in accident a few years ago. I have muscle damage so when I need the toilet, I need to go.”

When reported for the offence he replied: “Only that I was desperate for the toilet and I was going to have an accident.”

Westwood, of Caversham Place, Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, told the court he had nerve damage to his hip.

He normally carried a ‘wee bottle’ in the car, but as he had his 11-year-old daughter in the vehicle he did feel it was appropriate to use it in front of her.

The officer allowed him to open both front and rear doors of his vehicle at the side of the road in order to relieve himself.

He said he was extremely remorseful and apologised for his actions.

Magistrates said the speed was exceptionally high.

While they had every sympathy for the situation he found himself in, it was a very high speed aggravated by the fact that he had a young child as a passenger.