Concerns have been raised about a recent housing development casuing flooding which is perilous to health and safety.

Brian Pearse, of Hawarden, said Redrow's housing development, Gladstone Leigh, on Overlea Drive, has had a "big effect on the immediate area."

The three and four storey house settlement has been built on the back of Mr Pearse's property, which is also adjacent to a children's play area off Bennetts Lane.

Mr Pearse, who is a former commander, said: "There have been problems with the development at the back of my property, which backs onto my garden wall. It has not been fixed by Redrow, and a lot of residents have tried to fix it, but with no luck.

"With the bad rain lately, I am worried the issues with the piping in the new houses are affecting the stability of my high garden walls, which could fall on the children and endangering their lives.

"I made a presentation at the council meeting because if a child gets hurt, that is detrimental.

"The wetland, as it is classed on the development plan, has obviously had some landscaping and the water is now being sloped into the children's play area.

"People can't even use the public footpath as its submerged underwater.

"If a child is playing, and falls into the water, they could easily drown and that is unacceptable."

Mr Pearse has added that if he and his wife decide to downsize, they could face problems with re-selling their property due to the flood-induced damage.

A spokesman for Redrow said:

Paul Sinclair, technical director for Redrow Homes (NW), said: “One of our customer care team has spoken to Mr Pearse and we’re looking into his concerns in conjunction with the management company that looks after the public areas of this development. We take residents’ concerns regarding safety very seriously and will be sending an engineer out to investigate.”