A MOTORBIKE enthusiast has put up a cash reward for the return of two precious vintage machines that were stolen by raiders.

Steve Davies is appealing to anyone with information about the theft of the bikes from his home in Threapwood, near Bangor-on-Dee on Monday evening.

He says the vehicles, a 1950 Vincent Comet Racing Special (Grey Flash Spec) and a 1952 BSA Bantam, have huge sentimental value as they were left to him by his late father, John, who lovingly restored them before his death from Motor Neurone Disease last year.

The two bikes, which have a combined value of around £40,000, were locked in sheds and the thieves will have likely to have needed a van to transport them away.

Steve believes they will be particularly hard to sell due to their unique nature and rarity, but they may be sold on for parts.

"I am devastated as the bikes have huge sentimental value," said Steve, 51. "I went out for a spin on Monday and there is a possibility that someone followed me.

"Both bikes were locked in sheds 20 metres from the front door and it would have taken a van to get them away as they are heavy and there is no way the thieves could have started it.

"I am appealing to anyone who may know about them to either discreetly return them or to contact the local police. But there is also a reward for anyone with information leading to their return."

Steve's father was a Vulcan pilot and his engineering expertise lent itself to restoring the Vincent to working order over four decades.

"I remember the Comet following us around the world and it has been part of the family as long as I remember. My dad spent 45 years rebuilding it and I inherited it and finally got it onto the road.

"It is unusual as it has been rebuilt as a race bike. It is known in the vintage motorcycle market, but they are hard to sell on as it is a one-off."

His appeal for information has already attracted more than 5,000 shares on facebook from motorcycle enthusiasts and friends from far and wide as Southampton to Aberdeen.

Anyone with information should contact Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.