THE expression “she’s still got it” has never been truer when it comes to Kim Wilde’s comeback tour.

Watching the 80s pop icon rekindle her 30-something-year-old tunes at Wrexham’s William Aston Hall was uplifting – and I think the crowd there would agree with me that Kim can still wow an audience and get people on their feet and dancing only two songs into the set.

Her new album Here Come the Aliens looks – and sounds – quirky, and the star looked in her element, owning the stage as she sang her upbeat hopeful-hits from it including the catchy Pop Don’t Stop, and sweeter-than-chocolate Kandy Crush.

Her new song, Cyber.Nation.War, harked back to memories of Queen’s Radio Ga-Ga, or maybe her strong leather-clad figure standing in the spotlight had something to do with that association?

A personal favourite of mine was her old hit Four Letter Word, which resonated perfectly with the new song on her album, Yours Til The End, written by her brother, Ricky Wilde, who also brought back the leather as a guitarist on her new tour.

The new ballad was written by Ricky and the other talented guitarist in her new alien fleet – which to my amazement and pleasure as a drummer girl, had not only one, but two drum kits and drummers, one of which was female.

When singing the songs that are probably ingrained in her brain, Kim looked like she was a little girl lost in her own musical world having the best time on stage and it put a smile on my face to watch.

The look, the band, the music, it’s all still there, and as she concluded after being begged by crowds to perform her global sensation, ‘Kids In America’, the icon said: “Keep an eye out for me, ‘cos I’m not going anywhere.”

Biggest lesson learnt after the Wilde comeback gig: to look like Kim when I’m nearing 60.